Soil Science Programs

Soil Texture
This program presents: 1) the definition of soil textural classes and textural groups, 2) a "teaching" textural triangle that allows the user to "tap" a location on the triangle and have the % sand, silt and clay displayed (with lines drawn illustrating how these values are read from the triangle), together with the textural class, and 3) an input screen for % sand (with sand fractions) and silt to be entered followed by the position on the textural triangle displayed together with the textural class (including modified class for Sand, Loamy Sand, and Sandy Loam).

Texture by Feel
This program takes the user step-by-step through the procedure for determining soil texture by feel. The procedure is taken from Thien, S.J. 1979. A flow diagram for teaching texture-by-feel analysis. J. Agron. Ed. 8:54-55. There is also a "shortcut" program than can be run independently or from within the texture by feel program that reduces the flow chart procedure to a single table. This shortcut is valuable after the user becomes familiar with the step-by-step procedure.

Soil Physics With BASIC
This set of programs replicate the programs found in Campbell, G.S. 1982. Soil Physics With BASIC. Springer-Verlag, NY.

created 06/20/2000
last modified 11/12/2005