Palm Programming

   Programs can be written for PalmOS devices using variants of C/C++, and BASIC (including a visual basic). Information can also be created for PalmOS devices as databases and text files that can be viewed and/or modified by special database managers and document readers written for PalmOS devices.

   The icon selected for downloading files from this site will identify the system (i.e., programming language, data format, database manager, etc.) used to create the file(s) on this site. Most programming languages for the PalmOS compile to a meta- or p-code intermediary and require a runtime program to be installed on the PamOS device. The download icon also identifies the appropriate software required on the user's PalmOS device to use the program(s).

NSBasic (i.e., Visual Basic) from NSBasic
PocketC compiler from OrbWorks
HotPaw Basic Interpreter from Ron Nicholson
ThinkDB database from thinkingBytes Technology
TealInfo document reader from TealPoint Software

created 07/07/2000
last modified 11/12/2005